Resources for Singing Teachers

July 2, 2011 Posted by Pete McDonald


Singing teachers can find here information on my accompanying, and recorded technical exercises they can direct their students to, so that, and don't faint here, they can practice at home. It can be hard practicing scales, and technical stuff without a keyboard, or the knowledge of how to play one... or if there is something good on TV.

Accompanying rates and details

July 2, 2011 Posted by Pete McDonald


I am available for accompanying in most situations; exams, performances, school recitals etc. My main focus in accompanying is in both modern and jazz based music, but am always happy to discuss your options if your music falls outside this scope.

As at 2011, my rates are $70 per hour, with a minimum of one hour, at my studio. If travel is required, feel free to ask me for a quote via email.

Technical Exercises

July 2, 2011 Posted by Pete McDonald


Please right-click (or control-click) and save each of the exercises to your computer or device...

Major scale, up to the 9th, then back, 112 bpm, 12 keys from middle C
Major & Minor arpeggios, 1-3-5-8, 132 bpm, 12 keys from middle C